Align with the Stars Call - January


Welcome back! Feel free to chat to anyone online with you, or simply shout out your intentions and affirmations. :).
jacque: does that mean incorrect ? Sept 15, 2019 23:46:56 GMT
Kim: the dots show holidays and office hours at any given time. Check the little legend below :) (and ignore the dots for our purposes) xo Sept 17, 2019 0:43:44 GMT
Kim: - put your exact Melbourne date and time at the top. If the date changes, use THAT changed date. That's what day it was in SPAIN when you were born. Use the T Sept 17, 2019 0:44:53 GMT
Kim: Use the TIME it says for that place too. That's your relocation chart. The date and time it was IN THE OTHER PLACE the moment you were born. Make sense Sept 17, 2019 0:45:29 GMT
Kim: , we double check the correctness of a relocation chart by making sure the moon (and all planets but just look at moon) is the exact degree and sign as the natal chart. Sept 17, 2019 0:50:03 GMT
Kim: I sent you a PM with the correct setup for your relocation charts. xo Sept 17, 2019 0:59:42 GMT
Donna: Won’t be on the live call today. Will listen later. Enjoy! Sept 17, 2019 21:22:20 GMT
Kim: Thanks for letting me know, Donna. Please post chart/queries on the forum so we can dive in there! Sept 17, 2019 22:39:48 GMT
Donna: Kim, Those 3 readings I asked you about ... I am going to read those charts and then share what I see in them with you. This is a leap for me but exciting and fun.🤗☺️ Sept 22, 2019 14:37:35 GMT
Kim: ! In the last lap of edits for the COB. Will gladly take a look, comment, when this is done! <3 Sept 22, 2019 21:34:01 GMT
Donna: Oh Kim ...thank you and best to you with your edits. Easy and worry-free for you! Sept 22, 2019 23:31:56 GMT
Kim: Thanks, Donna. It's so intense! Good thing I have Saturn in Scorpio :) Sept 27, 2019 1:02:47 GMT
Kim: Heads up! We're doing a bonus call in Oct for the Relocation Astrology - Doorways to Manifesting. Notice landing soon! :) Sept 28, 2019 0:49:20 GMT
Donna: Kim, Intensity ... I hear you.🙂 Your Saturn at 4° Scorpio. You also have Moon at 10° Aquarius ... with moon in Aquarius too we've known a few challenges and how to move through them ... so you've got this too! 💚 Sept 28, 2019 16:28:50 GMT *
Kim: Members, check out the new Transit Flash thread! Looking forward to seeing you all there. Oct 24, 2019 21:08:56 GMT
jennifer: Thank you for the Transit Flash Thread Kim! It's all happening! :D Oct 26, 2019 7:10:07 GMT
Kim: It's great to see the examples on the Transit Flash - Going to look at T Uranus square the MOON coming up! 8-) Oct 27, 2019 23:11:35 GMT
Kim: Is everyone syked for the full moon in Taurus? Nov 11, 2019 20:52:38 GMT
Donna: Yay for the love call tomorrow! ☺️ Nov 18, 2019 23:37:38 GMT
Donna: Oops ... that was live call! hahahaha Nov 18, 2019 23:38:04 GMT