Retrogrades 2019


Welcome back! Feel free to chat to anyone online with you, or simply shout out your intentions and affirmations. :).
Kim: Thanks for asking! Times are on the Relocation Astrology Board and sent to everyone signed up. Details are here --> Sept 9, 2019 21:10:35 GMT
scorpiorising13: I'm not sure where the Relocation Astrology Board is, and when I click the link on the Relocation description page, it brings me to a forum area I don't have access to? I would love to do this course if I can make the live calls work. I'm in EDT zone :) Sept 9, 2019 22:47:37 GMT
Kim: I've just messaged you! Sept 10, 2019 21:29:20 GMT
scorpiorising13: Thank you! I'm joining live; hopefully I uploaded everything correctly :) Sept 10, 2019 22:44:44 GMT
scorpiorising13: Vey much enjoyed the call; thank you for your comments on my astrocartography! :) Sept 11, 2019 0:27:14 GMT
Kim: I enjoyed the call so much. Thanks to everyone who jumped in live! See you all in the forum! :) Sept 11, 2019 3:49:16 GMT
jacque: hi kim im Sept 11, 2019 5:44:52 GMT
jacque: hi kim I have viewed your uploaded video on posting a chart on the forum . I cannot find the GVA home page with the same layout that the video has ? Im searching for where the section that lists the charts section ? sorry to bug you with this cheers jac Sept 11, 2019 5:57:06 GMT
Kim: just go here to the GVA align with the stars charts and scroll down to see your maps. I emailed you the links as well. Sept 13, 2019 1:31:28 GMT
Kim: If you have trouble posting, just make a post in the Relocation Astrology forum and I'll pop them in for you! Thanks, Sept 13, 2019 1:32:20 GMT
jacque: hi kim im a bit confused as when i enter data for spain originally it recorded the day before 7th march so i ammended and it calculated 8th march . but when i put singapore in it calclted 9th od march . and singapore is closer than india or spain ?? Sept 15, 2019 23:45:54 GMT
jacque: the worlk clock has a yellow dot next to the spain time i Sept 15, 2019 23:46:32 GMT
jacque: does that mean incorrect ? Sept 15, 2019 23:46:56 GMT
Kim: the dots show holidays and office hours at any given time. Check the little legend below :) (and ignore the dots for our purposes) xo Sept 17, 2019 0:43:44 GMT
Kim: - put your exact Melbourne date and time at the top. If the date changes, use THAT changed date. That's what day it was in SPAIN when you were born. Use the T Sept 17, 2019 0:44:53 GMT
Kim: Use the TIME it says for that place too. That's your relocation chart. The date and time it was IN THE OTHER PLACE the moment you were born. Make sense Sept 17, 2019 0:45:29 GMT
Kim: , we double check the correctness of a relocation chart by making sure the moon (and all planets but just look at moon) is the exact degree and sign as the natal chart. Sept 17, 2019 0:50:03 GMT
Kim: I sent you a PM with the correct setup for your relocation charts. xo Sept 17, 2019 0:59:42 GMT
Donna: Won’t be on the live call today. Will listen later. Enjoy! Sept 17, 2019 21:22:20 GMT
Kim: Thanks for letting me know, Donna. Please post chart/queries on the forum so we can dive in there! Sept 17, 2019 22:39:48 GMT