What the YOD?


Welcome back! Feel free to chat to anyone online with you, or simply shout out your intentions and affirmations. :).
Kim: About to jump on the Spirit of Freedom Call! This will be fun (rofl) ::) Jun 9, 2020 21:44:14 GMT
jennifer: Thank you so much for today! I LOOOOOOOVE getting into the vibe of what freedom feels like! Jun 10, 2020 8:58:15 GMT
Kim: So glad to hear that, ;) Jun 12, 2020 23:03:05 GMT
scorpiorising13: Hi Kim .. hope you're doing well :) I'm thinking of buying chart software; any recommendations? Time Passages looks pretty user-friendly - are you familiar with that one? Jun 18, 2020 0:35:03 GMT
Kim: Hey @scorpiorising - just make sure it can do MORE than what you can do for free at Astro.com. If on PC, I recommend the Winstar 6.0 from Matrix - www.astrologysoftware.com/pro/winstar/index.html Hard to top in capability. Jun 18, 2020 1:05:55 GMT
Kim: On Mac, your best option is Io, and it is improving but not near as powerful as Matrix. Jun 18, 2020 1:06:29 GMT
scorpiorising13: hmmm .. didn't know about Matrix; thank you - will check it out. I have a MAC. FAS recommended Solar Fire, Janus, and Time Passages. I need something uber user friendly :)) Jun 18, 2020 13:46:57 GMT
Donna: Happy Summer Solstice (northern half) or Happy Winter Solstice (southern half)! 🙌🏼✨💖 Remembering our 2 hemis or 2 halves make a whole. “The world is our family - oneness” quote by Kim 🌎🌏🌍 Jun 20, 2020 21:25:29 GMT *
Kim: The first two don't work with Mac unless you put a windows OS (on your Mac), 7 or higher. Time Passages is designed for Mac and PC, on sale now actually. Did you want a program with report writing? I'll jump on Wed call early to chat! Jun 21, 2020 23:34:17 GMT
Kim: And yay , happy Solstice Eclipse everyone! 🙌🏼✨💖 Jun 21, 2020 23:35:24 GMT
Kim: Looking forward to Wednesday's call! Jun 21, 2020 23:57:43 GMT
Kim: (That's Tuesday for norther hems!) Jun 21, 2020 23:58:45 GMT
scorpiorising13: Thanks, Kim! Yes, I want to be able to write reports. Time Passages seems to do a lot of the interpretations for you, which not sure I necessarily want, but it looks very user-friendly, and it will work on my mac. Jun 23, 2020 11:57:04 GMT
scorpiorising13: and thanks for potentially jumping on the call early .. I will too :) Jun 23, 2020 21:50:54 GMT
Kim: Great call everyone! Loving the spirit of Freedom :) Jun 23, 2020 22:59:25 GMT
Donna: Looking forward to the July calls. Any sneak peeks yet for the Manifesting topics Kim! 🦋🤍🌸💖☀️ Jul 1, 2020 19:59:33 GMT
Kim: Memory and re-membering, . Looking forward to it! Jul 4, 2020 23:07:00 GMT
Kim: I'm editing to a July 9th deadline. See you after that! 🌸💖☀️ Jul 4, 2020 23:07:34 GMT
Donna: Woo hoo for call on memory and “re-membering” Kim! Looking forward to that call! Seeing editing going smoothly for you! ☺️💖🌸🤍🙌🏼💗✨ Jul 7, 2020 19:15:01 GMT
Donna: “The point is, you move the freak on” July 8 Astro: Mercury is Retrograde @6° Cancer square Mars at @6° Aries. I’m laughing out loud now reading this. Will see if tomorrow I am able to “laugh it off” to express and to “move on” already. 💖🌸✨☺️🤗🙌🏼🤍 Jul 7, 2020 19:22:44 GMT